Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi, I’m Joyce.  I’ve been working on children’s books – picture books and middle-grade fiction.  I’ve completed a series called “The Dream Police” that was published on Kindle.  Billy Duke illustrated the books for me and really made the characters come to life.  Here are the book covers and short blurbs indicating what they’re about.  If you’re interested in buying one of them, please click on this link:
If the child you buy them for really likes them, I’d appreciate it if they would write a review on amazon.com afterwards.  Thanks.

Case of the Galloping Ghost:
The Dream Police - chameleon Captain Dinky, hound dog Detective Snout and monkey sketch artist, Officer Molly Treetop - team up to help Riley end his nightmares about a ghost horse.  Will they succeed?  Or will their odd fear stand in their way?

Case of the Alien Family
Hoping to end the nightmares about his family turning into aliens, Pete gets on the phone to The Dream Police.   Can Snout track them?  Will Molly get the sketch right?  Can Dinky's Vulcan nerve pinch stop them?

Case of the Creeper
Jen calls on The Dream Police to take out the creeper that has been turning her adventurous dreams into nightmares.  Snout picks up the creeper’s scent, but finds things very confusing.  Will they be able to solve this case so Jen can have fun again in Dreamland?

If you like the drawings in The Dream Police books and would like to get in touch with the artist, post a comment.
The ideas for the Dream Police books came from my brother Bernie.  And my brother Pat did the graphic design.  My sister M.J. came up with some great suggestions, and her kids Connor and Carson helped too.  A big thank you goes out to all of them!
I also wrote a picture book that my daughter illustrated.  It’s all about the love between a mother and her daughter. 

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